New Stablemate


It’s no secret that I love cars, airplanes, motorcycles and bicycles. Actually, if it has wheels or wings then I’m pretty much a big fan! I think if I had another life, I would be a designer and specialize in high-end automobiles, motorcycles and airplanes. There’s just something that speaks to me about the lines and textures that transcends the void between the physical and emotional.

The newest addition to our preverbal stable is no exception. In October, Ducati announced the continuation of the 848 EVO series in their Superbike lineup. Along with the continuation of the basic 848, the up-spec’d Corse Special Edition received a new paint job to reflect the new Ducati Test Team colors along with an aluminum fuel tank. For the longest time I’ve wanted to own a Ducati, yet just like a piece of forbidden fruit, it always remained just outside of my reach.


Knowing that the Corse SE would be sold in limited numbers, I figured that like most high-end vehicles they would be grabbed up by the well-to-do before their release to the public. Surprisingly when I stopped by the Santa Barbara Ducati dealership they had no deposits on the two Special Edition bikes they were allocated. Without blinking I put down a deposit…it was the first time I’ve been in the right place at the right time with the finances to get a limited-number anything, let alone an Italian exotic!



The dealership said that they should receive their first of two bikes by mid-December. The standing deal I had made with my wife was that I would take delivery of the second of two bikes in April, to allow us some fiscal maneuvering room for our vacation to England in March. On 8 Jan I received a text message from Hans at the dealership showing the first Special Edition being removed from the shipping crate. I was in a real dilemma, the bike I’ve been lusting after for months had just arrived yet I was bound by my word to my wife…what was I going to do!? Thankfully my wife is very understanding, not to mention wonderful (and beautiful) and encouraged me to go ahead and take the first delivery!! Two days later, battling gale force winds for 62 miles, with a smile on my face stretching from ear to ear, I happily rode the first ’13 Special Edition on the Central Coast home!!



After three months of ownership I can say that I am not disappointed at all with my choice. I love this bike and everything about it. When you swing your leg over her you know you’re astride something very special. From a design standpoint I think the lines are very sexy, aggressive yet feminine…much like an exotic supermodel. This beauty isn’t just all looks either, her sound is deep and primal, letting you know that she means business and the power delivery is smooth and exhilarating! Once I got the suspension set up for my body weight, the ride quality took on a whole other dimension. Italians are known for their passion and it certainly shows in this bike!



After years of admiring, I now have my very own Italian exotic supermodel and couldn’t be happier!! Now, how do I explain to my wife about all of the time I’m spending in the garage admiring what has been termed ‘the new mistress?’ 😉

Until next time…