It’s Been a While…Part Deux!

Life…it has a tendency to naturally ebb and flow.  Obviously I’m not breaking any new ground with that statement, but there was a lot of ebb between my last blog post and where I find myself now…on the cusp of some flow.  It’s taken over two years before I could bring myself to write a blog post, let alone about the winter of ’13 and the personal tradgedies that occurred…

….so here goes:

Without going into too many details, I lost my mother and father to their fight with cancer in November and December ’13 respectively.  Although I know that my father would’ve eventually succumb to the effects of cancer, I firmly believe that he died of a broken heart and the sudden loss of his high school sweetheart and soulmate.  The only time the two of them were apart was when my father served two tours in Vietnam.  My relationship with both of them was very, very close and their loss has had a tremendous impact on my life (obviously)…there isn’t a day that’s gone by that I haven’t wished for just one more day, minute, laugh, phone call or to just hear their voices one more time.  One day…but not yet.

The spring and summer of ’14 was a blur of events, from taking care of my mother and father’s estates, trading the coast of California for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and learning a whole new job in the military.  The new position at work was a firehose of information, followed by a year of seemingly never-ending series of crew shifts.  Making new friends, spending time with old ones and just enjoying the area proved to be very challenging, but alas my obligation as a full-time ‘crew dog’ has (thankfully) been reduced to a few shifts per month…which pulls the door open a little more for me to enjoy some of my neglected passions.

Since this blog is supposed to be focused (mostly) on my photographic journey, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a few additions to my kit, including the Nikon D810 and a lens I’ve lusted after since it’s announcement in ’05, the Nikon 200-400mm f/4 AF-S VR.  I’m pulling together a bunch of ideas that I think will be very interesting, inspiring and fulfilling  (to me).

I’ll leave you with these parting words…never take your friends or family for granted, leave words unspoken or miss an opportunity to make the most of each day.  Be careful of the “one day…” promises, you never know if that day will ever come.  Hold on to life and love with all of your being…

Keep watching this space…more to come!